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Wash your trainers in 5 easy steps...


White Sneaker


We’ve all been there. You bought a great pair of sneakers, but you were so excited or forgetful, that you launched straight into showing them off without protecting them. But all that strutting around town on littered pavements, across mud and grass and out in general air pollution hasn’t done your brand-new trainers any favours – especially if they were white. The shoes you were once confidently doing your best catwalk in are now looking sad, tired and old before their time. How do you revitalize them? Here’s a secret I’ve been using for years – the washing machine. Follow these easy steps to get your footwear looking nearly-new:


Washing Sneaker


Things you need:

  • A washing machine
  • Mild washing detergent
  • Patience


Step 1: Remove the insoles (that’s the soft cushion part inside the shoes)

Step 2: Place your sneakers and the separated insoles in the washing machine

Step 3: Add mild detergent in the washing machine’s detergent drawer

Step 4: Turn the machine on using a delicate cycle set to a cold wash. Make sure the spin cycle is at its lowest setting

Step 5: Once the washing machine stops, take the shoes and insoles out and leave them somewhere safe to air dry.


Here’s where the patience kicks in. It might take your sneakers more than 24 hours to dry well. Never, ever put them in the dryer! Giving your trainers the time to air dry is well worth the wait.


And there you have it. You’ll be back to strutting along before you know it!


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