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Where is your sunglasses right now? I bet your eyes are flying around to see where you’ve dropped it (well, that’s if you’re not currently wearing it).


Although most people use their sunglasses daily when outdoors, it’s only natural that it’s taken off from time to time. Unfortunately, that makes sunglasses easy to misplace.


We’ve all been there; thinking that we left our sunglasses on the center table only to find it isn’t there. Losing your sunglasses can be an extremely stressful experience. If you’re lucky you’ll eventually find them where you’ve dropped them. If not, you might have to buy a new pair, which can be pretty expensive.


That’s why I’m going to share with you some tips to ensure you never lose your sunglasses again.


  • Give Your Sunglasses a Home

If you’re constantly forgetting where you’ve dropped your sunglasses, save yourself the constant worry and designate certain spots for placing them. After sticking to that routine for a couple of days, it becomes integrated into your habit.


For instance, at home, my sunglasses stay in the caddy behind the door. I put it in the visor clip when I’m in my car. At work, it goes into a designated shelf. It’s so ingrained in me that I now drop them there subconsciously. That way, I know just where to look when I’m looking for them.


  • Never Set Them Down When Out

Okay, this is one rule you need to stick to. You get into the restaurant, you remove your glasses and place them on the table. The only problem, you forget to pick it up. Well then, what can you do when you’re out?


For starters, have a plan for where to place them when you’re not using your sunglasses. Some people put it on the top of their head, others prefer to clip them to their shirt. You can even attach a lanyard to your glasses (But note, it might make you look nerdy or uncool). Once you’ve got a routine, you’re covered!


  • If You Must Set Them Down, Place Them Beside an Important Item

It’s unlikely that you forget your bag or car keys when you’re leaving a restaurant (For that to happen, you have to be pretty absentminded). Why not put your sunglasses beside such items that you cannot forget? That helps you to remember to pick it up when leaving.


  • Don’t Take Them To High-Risk Areas

Are you going into a movie theatre, restaurant, or business meeting and you know you won’t use your sunglasses, then why not just leave them behind. You can drop it in your car. Say you forget your sunglasses in the theatre, it’s likely to be stolen before you get the opportunity to retrieve it, especially if it’s a classy brand like LOCI sustainable sunglasses.


  • Bonus Tip - trackers

If you’re a technology enthusiast, there are little devices you can clip inside the frame of your sunglasses that connects with your mobile device via Bluetooth and enables you to track the location of your sunglasses if misplaced. It can be a massive time-saver. You can look into that also.



By following these simple rules, I cannot remember the last time I lost a pair of sunglasses. Broken? That’s an entirely different ballgame (winks).

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