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What do you think about wearing sunglasses in pictures? I thought they were cool! That was until I started asking other people around. To my surprise, some people found it rude or even disrespectful. So, it got me thinking, “Why would people’s view about sunglasses in pictures vary so widely?”. That’s why I want to explore the subtleties around wearing sunglasses in pictures.


Why Wear Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are primarily made for protection against the ultraviolet light from the sun. But it’s way more than that. It’s about fashion for many brands. But for us at LOCI, it’s about making sunglasses from sustainable materials like bamboo - and of course, fashionable too.


Why some people think it’s bad to wear sunglasses in pictures

If sunglasses are also about fashion, why do some people dislike the idea of wearing them in pictures? It’s all boils down to the fact that the eyes are concealed. The eyes are very important when reading a person’s emotions. If I can’t see your eyes, it’s hard to tell how you’re feeling, if you’re even present-minded. There’s just this secretive feel to it.


Instances When It’s A Bad Idea

That being said, there are some truly objective instances where it’s bad to wear them in pictures. Some examples include:


  • Professional Settings

Professional pictures are meant to be ‘professional’. A sunglasses mask your face, making you look secretive. Heck, it might even make you difficult to recognize. And if you’re taking a professional group photograph, it can make you look rude (especially if it’s indoor). So, keep that in mind.


  • Social Celebrations - like weddings

Weddings are special occasions and trust me, the bride and groom don’t want to see their wedding photos with you wearing sunglasses in them. Kindly do them the honors of removing your sunglasses.



When Can You Wear Sunglasses

Let’s face it, wearing sunglasses in pictures can look classy, and cool - but you have to do it right. Here are instances when you should feel free to wear them.


  • Health Issues

This is kinda obvious, right? If you have a medical condition that requires you to wear sunglasses for eye protection, then you should always wear them.


  • Personal Pictures

When it’s your picture, who else should dictate what you should wear except you? Say you’re on a vacation, on the beach, then go for it!


If you have LOCI sunglasses, you can rock them in pictures - and even show others on your social media profile you care about Mother Earth because our sunglasses are made from sustainable materials.


  • Concealing Your Looks…

Well, if you aim to make yourself less recognizable or you have a scar or injury near your eye area that you want to conceal, then you can wear sunglasses too.



At the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of personal preference, but asides from specific instances were sunglasses might be inappropriate in pictures, feel free to rock them as you please.

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