A Fashion Revolution

LØCI has teamed up with geo-location digital sneaker world aglet, in pulling fashion into the future.

Our exclusive competition held in the metaverse will allow any creator a canvas to express their creativity.

Creators Competition

LØCI is teaming up with ground breaking artists to express their art & share their message, in a creators only competition that enables any creator to design the next pair of kick-ass digital løci sneakers.

Walk to vote

Walk everywhere you go to earn aglet points that you can spend in the metaverse and use to vote on your favorite design.

The Judges

A panel of sneaker heads that are coming together to help find the most creative artist.

- Ryan David Mullins - CEO and Co-founder, Aglet.

and more!

The Prize

The grand prize winner will collaborate with LØCI & Aglet to create an irl sneaker that will be available exclusively to the LØCI/Aglet community.

What is Aglet?

Aglet is the first location-based, virtual shopping game for sneakerheads!

Join gamers worldwide who are exploring their cities, earning in-game currency and building the sickest, most holiest of Grail sneaker collections ever seen. Find out if you have what it takes to become the Sneaker Don and collect the very best and rarest kicks…

From IRL steps to sneakers…

The game turns your physical steps into Aglet, our in-game currency, which you can use to buy and collect virtual sneakers.

By using the Aglet map to explore the real physical world, you can hunt for, and access Treasure Stashes. These stashes contain Aglet, Gold Aglet, Virtual Sneakers, and even real ones.

Like for real, real?

Yes, we give away real sneakers as part of the rewards in this game!

Community comes first

Aglet also features a Marketplace to buy and sell you sneaker collections with over 2 million other avid players worldwide. Roll over to our discord server and flex on your friends, showcase your collections and cops, and make your moves to earn rare and one of a kind sneakers.

Thousands of sneakers are waiting all over the world to be discovered, are you ready to get started?

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