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Welcome to the world of LOCI - where style meets sustainability

It is obvious that everybody cares about the planet; we just don’t all care about it everyday. Let's be honest it's hard enough just surviving this crazy world - life moves fast!   

LOCI aims to help make caring effortless by finding innovative renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials and utilising them in clothing, footwear and accessories.  We know we are far from perfect. We just promise we are going to do our best.


 LOCI uses innovative materials that don't negatively impact the planet and that can be categorised as sustainable. Since 2018 LOCI have invested resources into using recycled PET ocean plastics, bamboo, merino wool and recycled card whenever possible. 

LOCI: fashion with an ethical / environmental slant.

At LOCI we believe sustainable style is the future. So we want to connect with our customers beyond our products, helping them to engage and embrace our vision and values. As a brand we source products from all over the world and do our best to maintain the highest standards for sustainable, responsible manufacturing. Whilst we are honestly still way off - every decision is reviewed for impact and driven by a zero waste mentality. LOCI believes in transforming eco-friendly materials into stylish quality wear that enriches life's experiences.

"Awesome sneakers, came quickly, uber stylish, Love the colour!"

-P, Blake, UK

"Thanks Guys! You will be seeing me again"

-M. Baile, NYC

"Honestly has no idea, these were eco - just though the looked solid"

-J. Long, HK

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