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A Vegan Sneaker Like No Other

It’s easy to make bold claims about being a sustainable vegan brand that puts purpose above profits, so let us show you why we are changing the way sneakers are made.

Animal Free ALWAYS

In the US alone 70% of footwear is made using animal products.

Be it the leather on the upper or the glue that is made from animal collagen, it's likely there are animal products in your shoes.

Raising livestock is one of the leading causes of:

Deforestation - 70% of the deforestation of the Amazon is for cattle ranching.

Global greenhouse gas emissions - generating more CO2 than all transportation combined.

Ocean warming - The sea surface temperature has been raising each year impacting sea animal life and habitat destruction.

Our commitment

A Cleaner Tomorrow

Every pair of LOCI’s are made from premium repurposed ocean and land plastic.

We don’t look to imitate leather, we use innovative materials that are creating a cleaner tomorrow and not leaving a problem for future generations to deal with.

Actions Not Promises

One million bottles. That’s how many bottles we have committed to removing from the ocean in our first year. Every pair of LOCI made ensures 20 plastic bottles are saved from polluting our world

In addition, as a company, we have committed to giving 10% of our profits to grassroot ocean conservation charities who are at the frontline of protecting our sea life.

Since day one we have lived by one ethos: Purpose before profit

Our Purpose

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