The LØCI Way

Hidden deep within LOCI's mission is a simple, yet powerful goal: making the world a better place.

We strive to ensure that every step we take - from manufacturing and packaging to treating employees & customers – reflects our commitment towards cruelty-free practices, sustainability and ethical standards.

A fiercely fashion first, conscious brand with which you can proudly align yourself!


At LØCI, we know that looking good doesn't have to come at the cost of an ethical price tag.

We're more than an eco-conscious brand; we're also rooted in our ethical values. From safe and respectful working conditions to responsible manufacturing processes, LØCI has kept their commitment throughout the supply chain by ensuring that our core ethics remain intact - no blurry lines here! We're proud of what we stand for and will continue to strive towards a higher standard of excellence.

A strong relationship with our suppliers is key to success - it's why we focus on building respectful and resilient connections. We understand the importance of this relatively small supply chain in propelling product innovation forward while lessening environmental impact too! With an intentional product range selection process, you can rest assured your goods are part of something greater than expected.


At LØCI, we don't just believe in looking good - our mission is to go a step further and look beyond.

It's our mission to break away from the traditional fast fashion model, and instead create sustainable sneakers with an ethical conscience! Each pair is crafted with recycled ocean plastic bottles, bamboo & rubber for a style that looks good on you - without compromising Mother Nature.

We take it one step further by only using natural materials sourced responsibly – all produced at our 'eco-conscious' factories in Portugal.

We're leading the way into redefining modern streetwear while protecting Earth’s resources!


At LØCI, we believe in celebrating our planet's amazing wildlife and taking responsibility for the products we create. That’s why all of us here proudly support being cruelty-free - ensuring that no animals are harmed to manufacture any of our shoes or apparel! Not just the outside material either: not a single animal product goes into making these kicks – even down to their soles and glues.

Our passion for our planet doesn't stop there: we've partnered with ReWild on the innovative Project Ø, leading fundraising and creating conservation initiatives so animals can roam this world like nature intended. One small step in a larger quest to preserve our beautiful blue marble - and all of its furry friends!


At LØCI-Labs, we're embracing the challenge to combine eco-consciousness and ethical fashion with stylish flair.

We've gathered a top team of designers, innovators & manufacturers who are dedicated to crafting trendsetting sneakers & apparel that make statements both in product quality and eco-responsibility.

Learn more about our incredible Labs team as we revolutionize today's wardrobe!