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Kay Gasei 

You have recurring characters in your artwork, can you tell us about them?

The character in this campaign… is my representation of people who have seen things. With the wide bright diamond eyes as opposed to another set of characters whose eyes are covered and are hedonists.

Jillian Evelyn

Naked imagery on clothing is something usually looked at in an explicit way, how did you aim to change this?

I think nudity tends to always feel a little explicit in our society. I find the idea silly considering we all have bodies, these uncomfortable skin suits. The female body is overly sexualized, and I hope that my work conveys the struggle women experience through societal expectations while addressing that our bodies are inescapable, no matter how much we try to cover them up.

Juli Baker 

Is there a deeper meaning behind your artwork that may not be obvious to everyone?

Yes, some people might perceive my art as a decorative type of art because I use pastel colour ways and there’re lots of flowers but actually the story behind most of my shows are very political. I’m into feminism and living in a country that sometimes lacks freedom of expression. I find that art is my tool for expressing my thoughts and resisting inequality.

Langley Fox

What are your aspirations for your artwork, what's next?

I’m working diligently on oil painting and finding my way into the fine arts with hopefully some exhibitions on the horizon. That has always been the target.

Miranda Forrester 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Why did you want to become an artist?

I am a figurative painter based in London. My work prioritises representing queer black women in intimate settings. I have always been an artist and wanted to use my visual language to represent myself and those closest to me.

Gio Pistone

What message would you give aspiring artists?

Guys, make Art if it only brings you joy. There is no other reason.

Don't try to do it just for the celebrity because it doesn't work!

Try to follow your own path and find a way of saying things that are yours and no one else's. Be inspired but don't copy, never.

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Kay Gasei

Kay Gasei

A London-based artist who strives to create images that blend symbolism, abstraction, and surrealism.

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