Sneaker Care

Accidents happen, we get it. Don't worry. Here are a few simple aftercare steps to keep your LØCI sneakers looking fresh.

Guide To Cleaning Your LØCI sneakers

Step 1 – Dilute the solution with cold water.

Step 2 – Remove excess dirt with a brush.

Step 3 – Spray cleaner directly to soiled areas.

Step 4 – Use a brush to draw out dirt.

Step 5 – Wipe dry with micro-fibre cloth.

Step 6 – Leave to dry

Guide To Protecting Your LØCI sneakers

Step 1 – Spray protector onto the clean shoe.

Step 2 – Use a clean brush to work protector into the material.

Leave to dry then repeat steps 1 + 2

Step 3 – Leave for 24 hours before wearing.