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Save Our Sea Life

Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic make their way into our oceans killing millions of marine animals that mistake it for food.

Our Buy One, Save One program is fighting back. For every pair of LØCI’s sold LØCI donates 10% of profits towards protecting and conserving sea life.

Alongside our partners (and with your support!) we’re fighting for all sea life, amplifying grassroots activism, and those on the ground making a difference.

Check out how you’ve helped make an impact:

Protecting Vunerable Species

From the big ones, Balaenoptera musculus, aka The Blue Whale, to the small ones that David Attenborough loves, the hawksbill turtles, our partners formula is breed, rescue, protect. Thankfully we have amazing partners on ground helping Aquaman out.


Why is it important to protect the ecosystem of the ocean you ask?

1 - The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth.

2 - Sea life keeps the ocean alive which as a body absorbs over 90% of the worlds heat.

3 - The ocean provides at least one-fifth of the animal protein people eat.

So kinda a big deal.

Sustainable Development

Tourism can be a powerful tool in the fight for the conservation and development of sea life habitats. In creating tourism that supports conservation, we can also introduce everyday visitors to the beauty and importance of sea life.


"See turtles supports more than 30 important turtles nesting beaches around the world through their Billion Baby Turtles program"

''Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean. Led by legendary oceanographer'' - Dr. Sylvia Earle

Our mission is to provide assistance to any aquatic (marine and freshwater) animal in need of help.

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