Stand Out. Be Bold.

Innovate. Don't Imitate.

LØCI takes the vegan sneaker trend a step further - we’re leading the way both with the development of our materials and our approach to production. LØCI sneakers don’t imitate leather, they’re made from a premium, durable material crafted from recycled ocean plastic, and are produced in controlled quantities to prevent surplus supply.

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Our mission is to create a cleaner tomorrow – with every pair of LØCI sneakers sold, we will donate 10% of the profits to protecting the planet, supporting the causes that matter to us most.


Life. Style.

We’re committed to crafting the highest standard of sneaker. All LØCI sneakers are handmade in a boutique shoemaker in Portugal using recycled ocean plastic sourced from the Mediterranean and Atlantic Coast of Africa. We also use bamboo, natural rubber, recycled foam and natural cork to make our sneakers entirely vegan inside and out.

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Timeless. Classic.

LØCI footwear is versatile and effortlessly classic, adding a distinctive sense of minimalist style to any outfit, dressed up or dressed down. Truly inspiring vegan sneakers.

Sustain. Ability.

The word LØCI derives from the Latin word ‘Locus’ meaning ‘centre’ – the intangible place within the human core that represents the best version of ourselves. We bring this ethos to our production using recycled and sustainable materials in order to make truly artisan vegan footwear.

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Fighting. For Change.

LØCI have teamed up with celebrity stylists and sustainable brands to create an exclusive collection of sneakers made from our unique blend of ocean recycled plastic.

Designed in collaboration and incorporated trending styles with sustainability, we're making these exclusive collections using a blend of purpose, street style and couture.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

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Actions. Not Promises.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is around 1.6 million square kilometers – bigger than Texas. Our actions over the next 10 years will determine the state of the ocean for the next 10,000 years to come. Every pair of LØCI's made ensures 20 plastic bottles are saved from polluting our world.


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