Community manager


LØCI’s is growing at an exciting pace. But it couldn't do this without our LØCI army. 

On the hunt for a driven, fun-loving, inspiring, dynamic individual that's inquisitive and passionate about building a community. Someone with the a "can-do" spirit, that's a pleasure to be around wants to get stuck into make a difference, join a mission.

This is all about an international community, it's both digital and involves a ground game. Any previous experience building strong communities would really be a plus.



£40k – 60k (plus bonus incentives) depending on experience.


Senior Account Manager


The quick growth at LØCI’s has meant that we are playing catch-up in a number of areas.

Areas such as wholesale (prodminently US & UK), Distribution and Travel need an fun-loving, smart, energetic, dynamic go-getter to help manage those external relationships.

This individual will be confident in communicating with the business and with our partners to achieve higl levels of success for both parties.

They'll be a problem solver, a good communicator and preferably have a history of provding such support. This is not a 9am-5pm role, this is an above and beyond role... relationships make the world go around.



£40k – 60k (plus bonus incentives) depending on experience.


Press Officer


At LØCI we've been inundated with inbound queries, it's meant a lot has come our way (super fortunate), but we can't yet imagine what it would look like if we were more proactive.

Armed with a desire to have a voice and tell our story from product, to missions and beyond we are looking for a talented press officer, one who's both reactive and proactive. Driven with a perhaps a little delusion, it's important they think "big" and have no issues with both US and UK targets. They have to believe they can make a mark in this world.

This individual will be confident in communicating with the business and with our external press and others. A quick thinker who believes in storytelling and the good we can all do.

They'll preferably have a history of such roles in their working history.



£35k – 55k (plus bonus incentives) depending on experience.




It's impossible to always think of everything. There is just no way to constantly know exactly what you need at all times; one is often distracted by life, climbing mountains and shiny things.

If you are a magician, if you can see a trick that's being missed or you can add value to the team, the product, the journey, the idea that is LØCI... then you my friend are a magician. Don't hesitate, reach out.

There is no guarantee that what you are offering is exactly what we need but... sometimes, just sometimes the stars just align. We know what we do is magic, that's the beauty of it all and why we love us a magician.



Stardust (plus £$€) depending on magical power.


About LØCI

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