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Our story

LØCI is an urban-lux vegan sneaker and apparel brand for men and women. We strive to continually invest in next-gen materials from recycled ocean plastic to our latest introduction of bio leather, all 100% animal-free. We strive to ensure that every step we take - from the materials we use to our manufacturing practices, all the way to the way we treat our team & every customer – reflects our commitment towards better practices.


Within our first few years, we at LØCI are already making big waves inspired by a roster of talent who continue to support the brand and a host of luxury fashion who have featured us as the brand to watch. Our standout logo is proudly worn by creatives from every corner of the globe as we work to support a community of creative visionaries who are pushing for change across their worlds.


Its part of the LØCI ethos. Built into every piece made by LØCI is a commitment to a meticulous design that uses the finest vegan eco-lux materials sourced from responsible suppliers around the world.

Our commitment doesn't stop there, we’ve partnered up with leading bio-diversity charities like, Re:Wild, in donating 10% of our profits every year in ensuring we help rewild the earth leaving it greener for the generations to come.