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Article: Miranda Forrester

Miranda Forrester

Miranda Forrester

A figurative painter exploring the queer black female gaze, she challenges historical invisibility in Western art. Using stretched plastic over smooth surfaces, she brings figures to life and captures intimate moments. Her bold, assertive lines celebrate feminine identities and relationships with subtlety and strength.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Why did you want to become an artist? 

I am a figurative painter based in London and my work prioritises representing queer black women in intimate settings. Having always been artistic, I wanted to use my visual language to represent myself and those closest to me. 

2. Why did you choose this piece to feature in the collaboration with LØCI? 

This piece was from my first body of work exploring domestic environments, and as an important piece to me I wanted to bring it to life in a new way, expanding the ways in which we experience art. 

3. What is the meaning behind your work, what’s the message you want to portray?

I want my work to evoke feelings of community, acceptance, body positivity and a sense of affirmation in particular for black women and queer women.  

4. How does your art medium translate into your work, what is the reasoning behind it? 

The mediums and processes I use are very specific, and contribute to the ideas within the works of multi-layered aspects to womanhood and sexuality. 

5. Imagine your artwork as a person, what would they be like? 

There is a direct correlation between my artworks and my personality- calm, authentic, tranquil. 

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Juli Baker

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