Protector Kit 50


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Introducing the LØCI Protector Kit 50: your ultimate protection against wear and tear of all your favorite sneakers. Keep your sneaker game strong with this Premium Protector Kit that includes Liquiproof Protectant, a top-notch repellent to ward off dirt, dust, and grime, plus a Premium Vegetable Fibre Brush.

While styling is certainly important in keeping up appearances on the streets, it's all about protecting over perfecting! When you care for your kicks with Premium ingredients like Liquiproof Protectant, it helps ensure a lasting durability that can withstand any kind of wear and tear. And with a special Vegetable Fibre Brush included in the Kit, you can keep their integrity sealed.

The LØCI Protector Kit 50 keeps an optimally clean look for your shoes without sacrificing form or function - all you have to do is use lint-free cloths or sponges when applying the Liquid Repellent Protectant to achieve maximum protection against day-to-day activities (or hectic city sidewalks).

Whether you want to flaunt those new set of signature LOCIs or revive an old pair that has taken too many trips through harsh climates, adding the UNIQUE® LØCI Protector Kit 50 as part of shoe maintenance routine is key in keeping those kicks lookin' fresh!