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Article: The Pains and Joys of White Sneakers

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The Pains and Joys of White Sneakers

Many people own and occasionally wear white sneakers. I own three pairs and I feel fly whenever I wear my sparkly white sneakers with my dope outfits. I guess many other sneakers wearers feel this positive experience too. But we can all agree on one thing - they come with pain. A single dirty spot is enough to kill your swag as others easily notice it. Because that’s the idea - wearing sneakers reminds you of ‘nurses’!

Is the stress worth it? We’ll let’s delve deeper into the pros and cons of white sneakers.

Joys of White Sneakers

Why do we still keep wearing sneakers even if it might not be our favorite thing to do?

White Sneakers Make the most mundane outfits pop

Anytime I feel my outfit isn’t cool enough, I turn to my white sneakers for the killer effect. White sneakers have a way of making normal outfits look solid - maybe because it draws attention to your feet!


With green, blue, and many other colored sneakers, it’s always draining trying to figure out what outfit to best complement them. With white sneakers, you don’t have do bother! Be it jeans, a suit, swim trunks, shorts, chinos, or other colors and styles of outfits, white sneakers can seamlessly complement them.

High Class

No one sees a guy or girl in sparkly white sneakers and thinks ‘dirty’. That’s even the point of white sneakers - to show that your foot is cleaner than the greased hair of others - well, you probably think that only in your mind (smiles).


It’s just a simple fact that white sneakers are part of the current trend. And who doesn’t like to ride the trend at the highest point?

The Pain of White Sneakers

Every sneaker wearers will tell you one thing: It's very difficult to get them sufficiently clean after they’ve gotten dirty. Even a barely distinguishable smudge stain on your white sneakers is enough to frustrate you to a point where you consider tossing them away or relegating them to law-mower sneakers' duty. It takes effort and intense care to keep them spot-on white for a long time. And let’s face it, no one likes wearing off-white sneakers.

The Compromise

Well, now that we’ve explored the pros and cons, I’m as sure as hell it’s not going to stop you wearing them. The stress is probably worth it for you.

Why not make your life easier by purchasing a sneaker cleaning kit? There are some amazing choices out there. We are fans of Jason Markk.

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