What is Vegan Leather and How is it Made?

What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan shoes are making a splash in the sneaker industry, with numerous style icons flexing their new easy-on-the-environment footwear. But what exactly is vegan leather, and why is it so great? In this guide, we’ll dive into what materials vegan leather is made from, why you might want to choose vegan leather and different ways to clean it too! LØCI ATOM Vegan Leather Sneakers

How is Vegan Leather Made?

Vegan leather, or faux leather as it it often referred to, is a material that looks, feels and behaves like leather but is made without harming any animals in the process. A lot of vegan leather is made from either polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as these plastic polymers have a wrinkled texture that looks very similar to real leather.

However, some vegan leather for shoes can also be made using more natural materials, such as recycled plastic and cork, pineapple leaves, apple peels, and maize husk to make it a more eco-friendly product. 

At LØCI, all collections such as our black vegan sneakers range features shoes created using maize husk and recycled ocean plastic bottles, along with cork for insoles that mould perfectly, renewable natural rubber for durable soles and bamboo lining.

Our unique Maize sneaker collection is changing the game when it comes to style and purpose, as it’s 100% vegan leather. Made from an innovative combination of 50% maize waste and recycled textiles, we’re ditching the animal hide without compromising on aesthetics.

To create our maize shoes, we break down glucose from the plant into monomers which then turn into polymers, making our very own superpower fabric. Not only is this material stronger than traditional hide, but it’s also water-resistant and easy to clean. So you won’t have any problems keeping them in perfect condition.

Benefits of Vegan Leather

So, what makes vegan leather so amazing? Below are some of the top benefits that’ll make you want to ditch your current leather sneakers immediately and switch to vegan:

  • Vegan leather is infinitely better for the animals. 

  • It produces less carbon dioxide as it cuts out cattle and animal farming.

  • Vegan leather that uses natural materials can even absorb carbon dioxide from the air.

  • Uses less water than traditional leather.

  • It has a unique finish that’s a premium material all of its own.

  • Vegan leather footwear is known for being much easier to break in - no more sore feet!

  • Vegan leather is a beautiful fashion statement that shows you’re compassionate and care about all living creatures. 

LØCI MAIZE Vegan Leather Sneakers

How to Clean Vegan Leather

There’s nothing more frustrating than stained or dirty shoes ruining your outfit. Just one mark on a pair of white vegan sneakers can bring the whole look down. Luckily, vegan leather sneakers are very easy to clean and can be restored to their former glory in no time - especially with our natural shoe cleaning kit.

First of all, to keep your vegan shoes looking fresh for as long as possible, we’d recommend protecting them by applying a protective spray and using a soft brush to work the product into the material. Leave the sneakers overnight for the protection to sink in, and you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite sneakers for much longer.

To keep your vegan shoes in tip-top condition, you should ideally clean them once a month. Not only will this keep them looking their best but properly cared for shoes will last longer too.

  1. Dilute a cleaning solution in cold water. This can be the solution in our kit or some mild washing-up liquid.

  2. Use a brush to gently remove any dirt and grime.

  3. If your sneakers have a few stubborn stains that weren’t removed during the initial clean, spray the cleaning solution directly on the stains and then scrub them with the brush to draw out the staining. 

  4. When your sneakers are looking bright and clean again, wipe down any residue with a microfibre cloth and leave them to dry. 

Is Vegan Leather Durable and Long Lasting?

    Absolutely! It’s a very common misconception that vegan leather is weak and flimsy and will fall apart after just a few wears. The reality is, these days, vegan leather can be just as long-lasting and durable as real leather. In fact, the shoes in our Maize range are as strong and resistant as traditional leather, making them the perfect pair for any adventure while also reducing environmental deforestation. Win!

    As long as you care for your vegan footwear properly, your sneakers will carry you through the day in style.

    You can take a look at our best-selling and highly durable collection of LØCI ORIGIN sneakers, or our vibrant range of Neon sneakers, both made with recycled materials for a superior shoe that’s designed to withstand everyday use while still looking ultra-stylish.

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