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Sustainable Materials

Premium Bamboo Lining

A naturally soft and light sustainable material. Super strong, but also breathable throughout the summer periods, whilst keeping you warm in the cold winters.

Cork Insoles

We use cork for both insoles and midsoles due to their amazing natural properties. Comfortable, moldable, light, and hypoallergenic! Also cork is anti-bacterial making it virtually odour-free.

Recycled Ocean Plastic

We use premium repurposed plastic material that is distinctive and unique - we don’t imitate leather. It’s a premium vegan offering. All are sourced from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Coast of Africa.


Our partners share a common vision of sustainability, accountability, and transparency. We must all hold each other to account. It's the only way to make sure we do better.

Radical Mission

It's not that radical really. We want to give you all the best possible leather alternatives. Giving you a choice shouldn't be that radical.


Our vegan sneakers are made of two things. Quality materials and unparalleled craftmanship. We don’t accept second best you shouldn't either.

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