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Article: Can I Wear Sneakers to My Wedding

LOCI White Vegan Sneakers

Can I Wear Sneakers to My Wedding

Of course, you can wear sneakers to your wedding. It's your wedding and you can do whatever you want! Well, it’s a little bit his wedding too (you know…your husband to be), but you know what, I bet you can convince him to wear sneakers too. Tell me a time when you cannot convince a man to be comfortable…hahaha

So, I would say go for it! Make your day memorable and do something special just for you. But how to choose? What to go for?

Well, you can choose a sensible white sneakers option to go with your pretty dress and choose black sneakers for him to be classic, more conservative. If you don’t feel like giving a heart attack to your folks… You can even use some satin laces to make them a bit elegant.

LØCI White Vegan Sneakers

Or, if that’s more you, go bold with pink, green, orange… you name it, and give some extra pizzazz to the party. Believe me they will light up the pictures and your heart every time you look at them. Because you made the choice, because you were true to yourself and each time you look at those pictures it will remind you how special you are, how strong you are.

Also, trainers are super trendy right now. Especially if you choose one of those vegan, sustainable, recycled ones… Did you know that some of them made of plastic bottles?? How cool is that??

I am already down one wedding…and I can tell you if I can do it again (hopefully one day) there are so many things I would do differently. In my marriage too, but that’s another story…

We worry so much about what others think of us or how things should be done that we forget about enjoying this special day.

Forget all the social conventions, forget people pleasing, forget peer pressure! You are you, You are special and you deserve this day! Again, him as well, remember…your husband to be…but isn’t his ‘job’ to make you happy? He would want this day to be yours really. I’m sure of it. So just relax, he will be happy with your choices.


LOCI Hype Vegan Sneakers Close Up


So here it comes some words of advice from an old(ish) fox for your special day.

Treat Yourself

Weddings are stressful, even though you are trying to take it easy, so have some pamper time to treat yourself, and relax. Massages, facials, hot baths the night before are super stress relievers.

Drink Up!

Start drinking early. I don’t mean hammering down the shots though…but some bubbly will take off the edges and helps you to relax. Stay classy!

And don’t forget to eat, otherwise it might cause you problem to walk down the aisle.

Timings are key

Leave some extra time for most things because speeches are always longer than planned and there are always those people who eats like a sloth…so the next course will have to be delayed. No exceptions! Every wedding has those people…hahaha.

Choose a calm man

Well, it might be too late for that advice now, but you can still learn together to be calmer, more centred and be in the moment. Meditation is a great self-awareness tool which will help you observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement and give you a healthy sense of perspective. Man, that’s boring…but I tell you it does help!!!

Be yourself!

On the pictures you don’t want to look like someone else. You wanna look yourself. The real you, just a well groomed you. Obviously get same lush make-up and hair style but keep in my that your one and only loves you the way you are.


Enjoy this day. Soak in all the love around you. Take all the best wishes and all the hugs you can get. People love you and they came to see you happy!

And to get back the original question, you know what? You deserve to be pain free and dance through the night with a smile on your face.

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