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Article: Save the Earth While Rocking LØCI Vegan Sneakers

LOCI Blue Sustainable Vegan Sneakers

Save the Earth While Rocking LØCI Vegan Sneakers

While many are altering their diets and choices, others are creating more awareness towards saving our dear planet. In the same light, our vegan sneakers help to ease some of these choices with lots of classy and smooth appearances.

With LØCI’s latest and bold additions into the market, we are showing how veganism should not be a trend (even when these sneakers are really “trendy”), but it should be a lifestyle.

LØCI Urban Vegan Sneakers Close Up

Yes, man’s direct or indirect actions may have contributed to polluting our seas and the earth, but we all can start the healing process by choosing right onwards.

Asides from adjusting your diets wear, maybe it’s time to tackle your sneakers-drobe, and LØCI vegan sneakers are hitting you with lots of choices. You may just find out you were doing comfort and fashion the wrong way this whole time. If you have never owned a pair of vegans sneakers, here are the reasons why I will be going full vegan henceforth.

You will be saving those sweet “helpless” animals

Everyone loves the concept of zero animal cruelty, but we have to quit wishing and start acting. When you do vegan, you are not hurting any animal, and everyone ends up happy. It is ironic that with all our advancement we still need to hurt another creature to be happy. Really? Oh, Come on. Faux leather and synthetic glues are just fine.

The Shoes are super-classy

One thing about LØCI vegan sneakers is that they are not one of those commodities you are "guilt-tripped" to get. You will just have to get them because of our trendy they will look on your feet. Browsing through their vast styles and collections in stores may just be what you need to make that switch.

“My three pairs are the crown of my wears collection, and I figuratively treasure them as a miser does is gold”

Ordinary yet outstanding

Okay, forgive my ambiguity, but I get a little irritated when people think vegan shoes require “special cares”. However, nothing could be farther from the truth; your vegan sneakers are just as simple as your normal sneakers, and yet they still look sparkly and outstanding on your feet.

Compared them to your non-vegan sneakers and see how outstanding they perform at even a lower price range.

So not only are they as simple and ordinary to maintain, they are different on the feet.


LØCI Hype Vegan Sneakers Close Up


LØCI Vegan sneakers are sustainable.

As more lean and less costly production is implemented everywhere, it is getting harder to find sustainable commodities. However, your vegan sneakers are not only sustainable but are eco-friendly. All our sneakers at LØCI, are made from recycled and repurposed plastic materials (dumped in the Oceans).

So choosing our vegan sneakers is just another conscious effort to walk the earth with a friendlier commodity.

Most people are still surprised after visiting our stores, but yeah, we have got lots of styles and designs for you from classic sneakers to business casual sneakers. There are lots of handmade styles and colours of shoes for you, distinct from leather sneakers.

LØCI Sneakers may be a great spur to rethink your taste in sneakers.

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