LØCI has teamed up with the super-styling couple Avigail and Damian, founders of the online platform Nothing New.

Together we’ve created an exclusive collection of sneakers inspired by nature’s vast beauty.


Disrupting. Normal.

‘We formed and developed our ‘Nothing New Studio’ for sustainably-minded collaboration. From founding and designing our own brand to styling some of the World’s most famous celebrities and consulting with brands worldwide, we found ourselves becoming ever-more concerned with the over-saturation of the fast fashion industry.’

Avigail and Damian have been on a sustainable journey for more than seven years after a decade plus in the fashion industry.


‘Each colourway was chosen for the beneficial properties it exudes, from the natural energixing quality of the deep red and yellows to the relaxinghues of the ocean-inspired blues.’

Breathe new life into your footwear with styles that pay homage to the great outdoors.

Natural. Vibes.

The ambition behind this collaboration was to inject some colour into our daily wardrobe. Each colourway is inspired in part by the key elements - Earth, Fire and Water - and by our love of fresh and natural produce.

Material. Style.

As with everything we create at LØCI, this collection is crafted with the planet in mind.

Made from our exclusive blend of ocean recycled plastic sourced from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast of Africa each pair ensures we leave a positive footprint in every pair made.

We use cork for our insoles and midsoles due to it's unique set of properties, not found in any other naturally existing material. It's lightweight, comfortable, moldable, hypoallergenic, soft and buoyant⁣. It's the best of nature at your feet.

We use bamboo and recycled nylon for the lining of our sneakers. A natural material that is light & breathable through summer, while keeping you warm in the winter.

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Natural. Comfort.

Like all LØCIs, these sneakers feature a water-resistant, breathable, classic design to give maximum comfort and wear. A cork insole made from recycled foam and a natural, hypoallergenic flexible cork ensures the sneaker is always antibacterial, and virtually odour free.

The bamboo lining gives a naturally soft texture, providing optimum cushioning all year round. The lightweight, ethically-sourced rubber outsole provides extra durability and a non-slip grip.

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