Every pair of LØCI vegan women’s sneakers is created with materials that are both kind to animals and the planet. Many people believe that because something is labeled as vegan, that automatically means it’s sustainable.That’s not the case.There are many materials out there that are vegan but harmful to the planet. Among the worst offenders are cotton and PVC. These are two of the prime materials that go into vegan-friendly sneakers. But they’re not planet-friendly.

Made. Better.

We opt for sustainable bamboo rather than labor-intensive cotton. We repurpose materials like cork and plastic bottles to create premium materials that cut down the world’s trash problem.

Every pair of our eco-friendly vegan sneakers is handmade with love by our artisans in Portugal. Our workers are paid a living wage and work hours that suit them rather than what suits our business.

So many vegan shoe brands make promises. We take actions and live by our ethos to put purpose before profit.