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LØCI x Selfridges

In our continuous pursuit to revolutionize the sneaker industry and showcase the core principles of our brand, we have joined forces with the iconic retailer, Selfridges, in launching our first physical LØCI store. Selfridges unwavering commitment to eco-luxury aligns seamlessly with the ethos of LØCI in housing our modern nature-themed space.    

The space creates a relaxed setting, evoking a sense of modern nature with every sneaker on display narrating the inspiration behind its creation.  

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Style with purpose

A relationship between Selfridges and LØCI feels so seamless because it sees the home of luxury joining forces with the designers of a better, more sustainable future for fashion.

Giving you, our customer the chance to take a look at the brand behind the curtain, and offering multiple touch points when experiencing the LØCI movement has always been a priority for us at HQ. Providing a hands-on experience with the LØCI product couldn’t have us any more excited, and we can’t wait to see the response from our community. 

We’re proud to see Selfridges noticing our ambition to be pioneers in the movement towards conscious consumerism, and we will continue to be the sneaker brand that leaves no footprint.