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Article: The Future of Sneakers Is Vegan: What You Should Know

Two Models Wearing LOCI White Vegan Sneakers

The Future of Sneakers Is Vegan: What You Should Know

The sneakers industry is not just any small industry, we are talking about an industry as old as sports and footwear comfort. The industry is currently worth an approximated $60BN and continues to grow as constant innovations keep spurning out sneakers just short of making humans fly.

Furthermore, sneakers have become the single popular object of fashion, we have even seen lots of models rock classy looking white sneakers with their native attires. For many others, their sneakers represent their identity and self. For me, nothing seems "feel good" as smooth and classy sneakers, especially when they come in white colours.

The average person has about 2 to 3 pairs of leather sneakers. Sadly, these sneakers may not just be in vogue in the nearest future as veganism (wears) are taking over, and here is why.


LOCI Vegan Sneakers Close Up

People are becoming conscious of their taste

You must be living under a rock if you are not aware of the great awakening that is spreading throughout the world like wildfire. Save the earth! No! to non-degradable plastics, and other cries could not be coming at a better time.

More governments in the world are taking more proactive measures to reduce human destructive actions. And one of them is reducing "plastics dumping". The LOCI brand support and aid this, as our sneakers are made with repurposed, recycled plastics, foam, rubber and other materials.

Vegan sneakers are more sustainable, comfy and classy

Ever experienced the feeling of having your footwear stand out at a party, group or hangout? because this is all you will experience when rocking our vegan sneakers.

Most people wrongly think that vegan sneakers require “special care”, this is just false. And you can treat them just like any other of your normal sneakers.

When compared to other leather and conventional ones, vegan sneakers perform far better in comfort, style and durability.

Zero animal cruelty

With the world moving fast in preventing animal cruelty and loss of animal habitats, leather sneakers are quickly giving way to more vegan acceptance. Our vegan sneakers are purely synthetic materials and processes with no animal life hurt or affected.

Furthermore, give back 10% of all our profits to securing the safety of sea life (from plastic dumping).

We make it as customers like it

Unlike conventional sneakers maker, we are not after mass production or multiplying revenues, but satisfying our customers. Our white sneakers are trendy especially when smoothly combined with different light colours, and we make them just the way customers like them.

Our products are not just to cater to the masses, but to connect with, and satisfy them.


Woman Holding Internal Shoe Filling in the LOCI Vegan Sneakers Factory

As big sneakers companies are planning a gradual transition to vegan, LØCI sneakers offer you the opportunity to start rocking them right now. While others consider it for the future, we are already creating a perfect balance in customer satisfaction, needs and sustainability. For us at LØCI, it is more of a project to improve mankind and the earth than a business.

Rock the “future” vegan sneakers now with LØCI.

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Two Models Wearing LOCI Vegan Sneakers

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