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Article: Why Rocking LØCI Vegan Sneakers Is More Than Just a Trend

Two Models Wearing LOCI Vegan Sneakers

Why Rocking LØCI Vegan Sneakers Is More Than Just a Trend

One of the biggest wears (fashion) industries is the footwear/sneakers brand. All around us, most people prefer to rock their sneakers almost all days of the week, save for those “boring” or no fun periods they have to be on Lexington, Oxfords, or other formal wears.

However, many (and rightfully so) believe that conventional sneakers are bad for the environment, health or life of other animals. For every conventional sneaker, you rock, keep in mind that several animals, plants and other materials were destroyed for your comfort; pretty sad and scary right?

Fortunately, there is a great alternative to these sneakers, and that is to go vegan. If you are more connected to the fashion world, you must have been observing the growing dominance of these sneakers styles. And some of their advantages over leather sneakers being their sustainability, classy looks and non-animal-life-threatening-materials.

Here is how our brand helps your purpose at LØCI

Our LØCI sneakers brand is committed to both satisfying your footwear styles, comforts and demands, and helping you commit to a purpose with each step you take.

Loci Motto Do you care for the earth? Get a pair of LØCIs

Among the many things that discolour our ocean from its pristine blue is the massive dumping of plastics. And sadly most of this plastic is hardly biodegradable. What better way to help clean the earth and the oceans than to take these plastics off our waters and make them into something meaningful?

Yes, all our sneakers are made with repurposed and recycled plastic, rubber, materials, and co. So whenever you rock a pair of LØCI vegan sneakers, that is a percentage of plastics of the oceans.

Rocking LØCI sneakers means giving to charity

Our goal is to challenge the “un-earthy” monotony of conventional leather sneakers, and yet we do not stop there. 10% of all our profits go into protecting sea life affected by man’s activities.

Turtle in the Sea filmed by a diver Clean up the environment stylishly

Every day more parts of nature, earth and life are being destroyed to satisfy one of human's desire or another. However, by leveraging on the advanced systems and research, we can create more sustainable and comfortable sneakers for mankind.

Our sneakers do not require extra care (for being vegan), and still perform better compared to leather sneakers.

Save animals, nature and wildlife

Think of the dolphins, the Octopuses, the sea-horses and other creatures that are plastic dumping in our seas affect. Lastly, remember that crocs, alligators, leopards and other animals are hunted for their quality leather in making sneakers.

How would you like to be a guardian of wildlife? Rocking our stylish LØCI sneakers would make a huge contribution.

Look Classy, different and Comfortable

What better way to rock a pair of white sneakers, decorated with brown, blue, and other colours? And also to rock them without the guilt of destruction/invasion of other life. Of course, humans have sentiments, and we must always tend towards our scruples.

With LØCI sneakers, you can charm the “right” way.

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