Men's Vegan Sneakers


Marrying style and sustainability, LØCI Sneakers are designed with the increasingly savvy, discerning and fashion conscious consumer in mind. With a focus on premium vegan materials, welfare of staff and manufacturing standards, every pair is a celebration of the high artistry, intelligence and world-renowned standards of Portuguese shoemaking.

Everybody needs a pair of stylish go-to sneakers. They’re a must-have for performance, for work, or chilling. But for those of us trying to do our bit for the planet, finding a pair that ticks all the boxes can be difficult.

Style. Statement.

Here at LØCI, we’re committed to bringing you vegan shoes that are trendy and sustainable, too. Our black classic vegan low tops are minimalist enough to wear to the office. Our yellow casual vegan low tops add a colorful statement to an all-black outfit.

Or take the cool factor to the next level with men’s vegan high tops. Pair with ripped jeans and a printed t-shirt, or add an extra edge to a sporty tracksuit.

There are so many ways to wear your vegan sneakers for men.


We still see vegan shoe brands which use unsustainable materials and produce too many shoes. Here at LØCI, we exist to eradicate the flaws in the sneakers industry.

We’re here to make a difference.

We have an on-demand production system to manage environmental impact, as opposed to large-volume seasonal pre-orders which can result in surplus product. This means no unwanted pairs are discarded in landfills.

Made. Better.

To help reduce the world’s trash problem, we repurpose materials including cork and plastic bottles to create premium materials for our LØCI sneakers.

Every pair of our eco-friendly vegan sneakers is handmade with love by our artisans in Portugal. Our workers are paid a living wage and work hours that suit them rather than what suits our business.

We take actions and live by our ethos to put purpose before profit.

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