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Natural Rubber Sole
Handmade in Portugal
Water resistant
Core Features
  • Premium, Maize "leather" vegan sneakers.
  • Elevate your daily routine with the ultimate combination of strength and style.
  • For the eco-conscious trendsetter, this evolutionary material is crafted from non-food grade corn.
  • Crafted in all classic LØCI 1st generation silhouettes.
  • Handmade with conscious, sustainable materials in our factory in Portugal.

Ready for the future of fashion? Look no further than LØCI Maize Collection - an eco-friendly, conscious alternative that fuses 50% corn waste with an ultra durable, water resistant polyurethane for a sleek look that will turn heads no matter the occasion.

Ditching animal hide in favor of durable maize leather is just one way this trainer stands ahead of its competition when it comes to both style and ethics! Experience a breakthrough material made fashionable—LØCI has you covered.

Not only is this shoe water resistant with an easy wipe clean surface – it's also ethically manufactured through clever innovation in the maize leather industry! Put your trust into LØCI where conscious luxury meets function without fail.

Modelled on our LØCI EIGHT - turn heads in a timeless tennis classic with an updated edge. This modern sneaker offers minimalistic trims that provide the perfect blend of style and make it the ideal addition to your wardrobe for any occasion, day or night!

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Materials & composition
  • We crafted a unique blend of 50% corn waste and 47%-82% Polyurethane to offer the environmentally conscious an innovative alternative without compromising on quality.
  • An upper that's 63% biodegradable and made from all recycled polytextiles.
  • Step into a world of comfort with every step you take in our 100% natural rubber sneaker sole.
  • Stride in style and comfort with natural cork insoles for your sneakers.
  • Enhance your classic style with top-notch Waxed Cotton shoe laces.
  • Recycled Foam - our eco-friendly sneaker midsoles that combines recycled foam and innovative design.
  • Our signature blend of 82% Nylon and 18% Bamboo provides a durable lining that is both eco-friendly and stylish.
Aftercare Instructions
  • The use of a washing machine is not recommended as it may change the structure or finish of the materials used.
  • This durable maize textile is so tough it can handle whatever comes its way - and all with just a wipe of your hand.
  • Before using your LØCI sneakers, we advise using our Protector Kit 50 and regularly cleaning using Cleaning Kit 50 which has been specifically designed for this type of fabric, repeat this as per the LØCI Cleaning Guide.
  • Protected by LØCI-Care Warranty.
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Product Information

SKU: LC-008-015
Color: White/Black/White

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We asked ourselves, how can we make our LØCI sneakers even better? The answer is vegan maize leather.

Made from 50% maize waste and our vegan leather is 63% biodegradable and much more resistant and durable than commercial animal hide.

In the Amazon rainforest alone, 80% of deforestation is due to cattle farming, in addition to its release of billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

We guarantee our products are totally animal free, from the sneaker to the packaging, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Tread. Lighter.


Naturally elastic cork insoles provide both extreme comfort and ensure perfect weight distribution. Whilst cork midsoles mean less impact force and reduced joint stress.

Breathable bamboo mesh lining, selectively sourced to be odour-resistant and help prevent moisture build-up.

We also keep your conscience light using reusable, renewable and biodegradable materials whenever possible.

An example? Cork oak regenerates itself, after each peeling, the bark grows back. No tree is cut down or permanently damaged. What's more, a peeled cork tree binds more CO2 than an unpeeled tree. Win!


Carefully selected, high quality materials combined with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Designed to help you walk, skip and hop through your day. The perfect combination of style and comfort.

A dress, Jeans, leggings, shorts, suits we haven't yet found something that doesn't work with your eco-lux LØCI sneakers.

Speak without talking. Challenge everything to be better.

Water. Proof.

Level up your wardrobe with LØCI Maize "Leather" shoes. Not only fashionable, they're also naturally water-resistant - perfect for whatever life throws at you!

Watch it roll right off. Water won't be ruining your day.

Keep your feet dryer for longer. We are confident you'll be gliding over puddles, you control the weather.

Eco. Logical.

It all started with a question. How could we build the best possible LØCI?

100% vegan sneaker. 100% recycled packaging. A vertical supply chain, ensuring we don't produce more shoes than we need.Combining styles and sustainability to deliver an eco-lux experience like no other.

A focus on bringing ethics and principle to the table even when it doesn't make economic sense. Ultimately it's about premium product and beyond.

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