Bio Leather


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Bio Leather: White / Blue / Cream

Bio Leather: White / Blue / Cream


NEO Highlights

Bio Leather
100% Vegan
Handmade in Portugal
Crafted to last

Created for the concrete courts of ’90s LA but worn all over the world. LØCI NEO encapsulates the love of basketball culture from the world of sneakers and its imprint on the community.

Its premium vegan leather ages gracefully while delivering modern style and design through advanced footwear technology. Step into the 21st century without sacrificing the nostalgic appeal.


Premium, Bio “leather” vegan sneakers elevate your daily routine with the ultimate combination of strength and style.

Handmade with conscious materials in our factory in Portugal.


  • Bio Leather Upper
  • Recycled Foam Midsole
  • Bamboo & Recycled Nylon Lining
  • Natural Cork & Recycled Foam Insole
  • Recycled Brass Eyelets
  • Cotton Laces
  • 63% Biodegradable

Product Info
SKU: LC-004-005
Color: White/Blue/Cream

Care Guide
  • Before use, we advise using a Protector Kit 50 to keep them looking fresh.
  • Wipe clean using a damp clean cloth or the Cleaning Kit 50 which has been specifically designed for this type of fabric. For more details see our LØCI Cleaning Guide.
  • The use of a washing machine is not recommended as it may change the structure or finish of the materials used.
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    With a premium Maize leather upgrade, cork insoles and water resistant materials, NEO is the women’s vegan sneaker that will never go out of style.

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    Bio Leather

    LØCI made better. Introducing vegan Bio leather, made from non-food grade corn mixed with recycled textiles to create a premium range of women's vegan sneakers.

    From the sneaker to the packaging, we guarantee our products are totally animal free.

    Tread. Lighter.

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