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With the sun out, you may have noticed lots of cool looking people standing out from the crowd with wooden shades instead of the traditional plastic or metal frames. Guess what? Not only are they bang on trend, there are also loads of benefits of popping on a pair of bamboo sunglasses. Thank goodness you’ve come to the right blog to find out why you need to make your next shades bamboo!


  1. Eco-friendly fashion

Bamboo has super credentials when it comes to sustainability. You couldn’t get more environmentally-friendly shades if you tried. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth – making it ultra renewable. Bamboo absorbs two times more carbon dioxide than trees and generates a large amount of oxygen. It can take as little as three years for bamboo to reach maturity. In fact, bamboo can grow almost one metre in 24 hours (wouldn’t that make a cool time-lapse video?). No pesticides or chemicals are needed to harvest bamboo, so there’s no harming the planet either. We all know that being conscious about all our choices is the best way we can help safeguard the environment and ecosystem and there’s no reason fashion can’t contribute to that.


  1. Fashion that lasts

Bamboo is also a very durable material. I’m not going to pretend that I understand or can explain all the technical jargon, so let’s keep it simple. Bamboo possesses some of the best stiffness/strength characteristics and strength-to-weight ratios of any other wood material available. It’s easy to snap your plastic shades or accidentally bend the metal ones. Part of being eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) is keeping things for as long as possible – not buying new stuff every season or every year. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial too. No need to worry about a sweaty face making them smelly. For all you germaphobes out there that didn’t want to lend your friends your shades, there’s no excuse now.


  1. Fashion that fits

More lightweight than any other type of wood, bamboo frames will make your sunglasses feel light as air on your face. You’ll be surprised at how something so delicate can be so resilient, but tough doesn’t always have to mean heavy. And not only will the bamboo frames fit your face, they will also fit your wardrobe. Yep – bamboo can easily be crafted into any shape and can have so many different finishes. That means there’s lots of variety when it comes to styles, colours and even textures. However, you can always stick to the traditional bamboo look if you want a more natural aesthetic. The distinctive pale colour and fine uniform texture in every individual plant make bamboo frames unmistakable. There’s a pair to suit every face and outfit.


So, now’s the time to bamboo-zle (see what I did there?)! Seriously, what’s not to like about this trend? Not only will you be joining the growing army of people becoming more fashion-conscious and eco-conscious at the same time – you’ll also be an individual because the unique wood grain in every bamboo plant means no two pairs of sunglasses will ever be exactly the same.


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